Deliveries arrive depending on the shipping method you establish in your order. If you want to collect in store the added cost is free for the preparation of your purchase, the appropriate address to approach for your order temporarily until we have enabled the new headquarters is:

Cortijo El Anchurón s / n

18181 Darro, Granada, Spain

Please remember it is necessary to complete all the purchase process and get a notification that your shopping is ready before reaching this postal address to pick your order.

The transport costs include handling, preparation and carrier prices, which vary according to your desire of service offered in your available options. Two different orders will be treated as two different purchases, so the cost of delivery will be calculated according to shippers’ offer. The delivery done considers you assume the ware risk once it is delivered, keep in mind during your purchase these are fragile objects.

Boxes have been designed to match the less space and have enough protection for a safe delivery.

Arrival delay

The time between your paid purchase and receipt varies depending on the option you choose. If you choose premium or very fast services, in 24 hours you can have your purchases anywhere in Spain. If you choose economic services, it may take 3 or 4 days to arrive at the established delivery address or collection point, depending on your option. In international deliveries it is possible that the delay accumulates 7 days from departure of the order to arrival at the delivery address in Europe and some nearby countries; other countries may have longer delivery times, we will inform you if the forecast is more than one week of transport in the contact details of your order.


Returns follow the process of the carrier you chose, and you should contact us to expedite the necessary procedures. You have 15 days to return the products of your order free of charge, provided that the products remain unused and have not been partially consumed or significantly damaged. If you bought the product and received it, you are responsible for keeping it in optimal conservation conditions: in a cool, relatively humid, dark environment and away from physical conditions that could alter its condition at the time of delivery. In case of breakage of the product before you can handle it, proof will be necessary by means of photography of the affected product in the packaging before removing it, which must be sent to without delay. Inadequate transportation costs will be claimed from the agency you have hired.

Returns of defective product once it begins to be consumed are allowed only by means of documentary analysis from an official laboratory of the defect, in which case we will proceed to withdraw the return and replace the new product without additional charge. In the event of repeated returns of this type, we will initiate actions to test whether the use has been malicious.

If returns occur, we will follow the process with the transport agency of your choice when purchasing. We will inform you in advance of the expenses caused by returns with the companies that have a contract with us, which you must accept to proceed with the withdrawal of the items. You may hire other transportation agencies exclusively at your own expense. If we receive returned items with costs borne by Anchurón, they will not be accepted.


You have 15 days to return your purchase free of charge from the arrival to your delivery address. Once these 15 days are over, if you wish to give back your order (even partially), you must take charge of the shipping costs caused. Only analysed defective product gives you right to return and replacement free of charge during its valid purchase period; only in this case you will have an complete reimbursement of partially consumed returned product. Unconsumed unopened product returns can be returned following the shipper methods of the choice. If there is proof of changing of the product we will proceed to report to the competent authorities in matter of fraud.

Please read the Terms and Conditions, everything necessary for your purchase is explained in detail.