Deliveries arrive depending on the shipping method you state in your order. If you would like to pick on site, the correct address to come and pick it temporarily until the new place available is:

10, 2 B Isaac Albéniz st.

18012 Granada, Spain

Please remember it is necessary to complete all the purchase process and get a notification that your shopping is ready before reaching this postal address to pick your order.

The transport costs include handling, preparation and carrier prices, which vary according to your desire of service offered in your available options. Two different orders will be treated as two different purchases, so the cost of delivery will be calculated according to shippers’ offer. The delivery done considers you assume the ware risk once it is delivered, keep in mind during your purchase these are fragile objects.

Boxes have been designed to match the less space and have enough protection for a safe delivery.


Returns follow the procedure from the shipper you chose. You must contact us to speed up necessary steps. You have 15 days to return your products order free of charge, always when the products have not been partially consumed. If you bought the product and got it, you are responsible to keep in proper optimal conditions: fresh environment, relatively high humidity, obscure and away from physical conditions which could alterate its features from delivery.


You have 15 days to return your purchase free of charge. Once these 15 days are over, if you wish to give back your order (even partially), you must take charge of the shipping costs caused. Only analysed defective product gives you right to return and replacement free of charge during its valid purchase period; only in this case you will have an complete reimbursement of partially consumed returned product. Unconsumed unopened product returns can be returned following the shipper methods of the choice. If there is proof of changing of the product we will proceed to report to the competent authorities in matter of fraud.