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The ownership of this website, https://tienda.anchuron.es, (hereinafter, Website) is held by:

Owner: María Amparo García Hinojosa

Address: Calle Isaac Albéniz 10, 2º B, 18012 Granada, Spain

NIF: 24109839C

Intra-community VAT: ES24109839C

EORI: ES24109839C

Contact phone: +34958277764

Contact email: info@anchuron.es

Anchurón is adhered to: United Nations Supplier Code of Conduct whose approval is given and can be consulted on the website: https://www.un.org/Depts/ptd/sites/www.un.org.Depts.ptd/files/files/attachment/page/pdf/unscc/conduct_english.pdf.


The purpose of the conditions: The Website

The purpose of these General Conditions of Use (hereinafter, Conditions) is to regulate access and use of the Website. For the purposes of these Conditions, the Website will be understood as: the external appearance of the screen interfaces, both statically and dynamically, that is, the navigation tree; and all the elements integrated both in the screen interfaces and in the navigation tree (hereinafter, Contents) and all those services or online resources that may be offered to Users (hereinafter, Services).

Anchurón reserves the right to modify, at any time, and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website and the Contents and Services that may be incorporated in it. The User acknowledges and accepts that at any time Anchurón may interrupt, deactivate and / or cancel any of these elements that are integrated into the Website or access to them.

Access to the Website by the User is free and, as a general rule, is free without the User having to provide a consideration to be able to enjoy it, except for the cost of connection through the telecommunications network provided. by the access provider that the User has hired.

The use of any of the Contents or Services of the Website may be done by prior subscription or registration by the User.


We sell and supply Products only to people who have reached the minimum age of 18 years in Spain. If you do not know the minimum age for alcohol consumption in your country, check with the state authorities in your country.

We have included various age checks in the ordering process to ensure our compliance with legal obligations.

The user

The access, navigation and use of the Website, as well as the spaces enabled to interact between the User and Anchurón, confers the condition of User, for which they accept, from the beginning of browsing the Website, all the Conditions established here, as well as their subsequent modifications, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding mandatory legal regulations depending on the case. Given the relevance of the foregoing, the User is recommended to read them each time they visit the Website.

The Anchurón Website provides a wide variety of information, services and data. The User assumes her responsibility to make a correct use of the Website. This responsibility will extend to:

    • A use of the information, Contents and / or Services and data offered by Anchurón without being contrary to the provisions of these Conditions, the Law, morality or public order, or that in any other way may involve injury to the rights of third parties or the same operation of the Website.

    • The veracity and legality of the information provided by the User in the forms issued by Anchurón for access to certain Content or Services offered by the Website. In any case, the User will immediately notify Anchurón about any fact that allows the improper use of the information recorded in said forms, such as, but not only, theft, loss, or unauthorized access to identifiers and / or or passwords, in order to proceed with their immediate cancellation.

Anchurón reserves the right to withdraw all those comments and contributions that violate the law, respect for the dignity of the person, that are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, spamming, that threaten youth or childhood, order or public safety or that, in his opinion, are not suitable for publication.

In any case, Anchurón will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by Users through comments or other blogging or participation tools that may exist.

The mere access to this Website does not imply any type of commercial relationship between Anchurón and the User.

The User declares to be of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these Conditions. Therefore, this Anchurón Website is not directed to minors. Anchurón declines any responsibility for the breach of this requirement.

The Website is aimed mainly at Users residing in Spain. Anchurón does not ensure that the Website complies with the laws of other countries, either totally or partially. If the User resides or has his domicile in another place and decides to access and / or navigate the Website, he will do so under his own responsibility, he must ensure that such access and navigation complies with the local legislation that is applicable to him, not assuming Anchurón any liability that may arise from said access.


Our Website serves the purpose of promoting our Products in Spain and international trade.

Our Products are suitable for consumption. We guarantee that the Products we supply conform to the description on the Website and on the Product labeling, are of good quality and comply with all legal requirements. We disclaim any other warranties, whether express or implied, in relation to the Products, to the maximum extent permitted by law. Any other disclaimer stipulated in these Terms and Conditions does not affect the rights that the law grants you in case of defective items or with an erroneous description.

We recommend keeping the Products in a cool, dark place, with the cork in contact with wine and controlled humidity that is not exposed to direct sunlight or rain, and should not be stored at temperatures below freezing or in the open air.

Products sold to B2C Customers are intended for end users and cannot be resold.


To place an order you can select the desired Products, enter the necessary data and follow the instructions that appear on the screen during the order processing. B2B Customers need to indicate the CIF for VAT purposes during order processing, or the equivalent full tax identification in the country of the purchasing company. During the order processing, you can verify the data and correct any errors before submitting the order. We recommend that you take your time and read and verify the order details during each phase of the processing.

Before ordering, you will be asked to confirm that you agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions, please check with us before placing an order.

When you are ready to place the order, you can proceed to process and place it by pressing the corresponding button that is included in the order page. Once you have clicked 'Pay', you will not be able to modify the order. The payment page will then open for you to make the payment.

Once you have made the payment on the corresponding page, you will receive an email to confirm that you have placed the order (hereinafter, the "Confirmation Email"). The Confirmation Email contains the order details, such as Products and prices (including shipping and tax), as well as other information regarding the order. Save this Confirmation Email or print it for archiving. If you have any anomaly regarding automatic billing, please let us know immediately to correct the document generation processes for your purchase. If you do not receive a Confirmation Email within one business day of placing your order, please contact us.

The contract between you and Anchuron will come into effect when you receive the confirmation email. By virtue of these Terms and Conditions and the contract, you will not be able to transfer your rights. You will own the Products when we have received the full payment amount from you.

We reserve the right to cancel your order if the Products are not available or if the full payment has not been received. We also reserve the right to reject or cancel your order at any time if we have reason to suspect that the person who has made the purchase or who will receive the Products does not meet the minimum age requirement for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

If your order is canceled, we will inform you as soon as possible and the money you have paid for the Products will be refunded as soon as possible (within a maximum period of 15 days from the cancellation).

If we are unable to fulfill your order because the Products are not available, we will contact you by email or telephone to offer an alternative Product, if reasonable, or to inform you when the ordered Products are expected to be back in stock. You have complete freedom to decide if you accept the alternative Products that we suggest.


All prices and expenses indicated on the Website are in euros € (EUR) and include VAT and other taxes before the payment order.

The prices of the Products are those indicated on the order page of the Website at the time of ordering. The prices indicated may vary from one time to another without prior notice, although these price changes will not apply once we have accepted your order. If we accept your order and process it despite a clear and undeniable error in the prices, we will have the right to cancel your order, refund the money you have paid and ask you to return the Products that we have supplied to you if they have arrived. to leave our facilities.

The Products can only be paid for using the methods indicated on the Website; We do not accept any other payment method.

All order payments are processed through a third-party payment service provider and are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant provider.

By paying an order with a credit or debit card, you declare that you are the owner of the 'card' used.

All cardholders will be verified and the card issuer will be asked to verify authorization. If the issuing entity of your card does not authorize the payment, we will not be able to accept your order. In such case, we disclaim any liability in the event of delays or missed deliveries.


We ship throughout mainland Spain regularly. If the delivery address differs, we will have the courtesy to contact you to let you know the additional procedures that we may need so that your order arrives in perfect condition in the destination country.

Additional costs may be charged for delivery depending on the amount of the order. Shipping costs are specified here on the Website and are further displayed on screen during order processing and in the Confirmation Mail.

Deliveries arrive depending on the shipping method you establish in your order. If you wish to collect in the store, the appropriate address to approach by appointment for your order temporarily until we have enabled the new headquarters is:

Calle Isaac Albéniz 10, 2º B

18012 Granada, Spain

Remember that it is necessary to complete the entire purchase process and receive notification of the prepared order before approaching this postal address to pick up your order.

Transportation costs include handling, preparation and carrier prices, which will vary according to your choice of service offered within the available options. Two different orders will be treated as two different purchases, so the transport costs will be calculated with the prices offered by the carriers.

The boxes have been designed to cover as little space as possible and have sufficient protection for safe delivery.

Your order will be delivered by the company you choose. On the expected delivery date, your carrier will notify you, providing your contracted transport with a tracking code so that you can track your shipment. Important: keep in mind that the use of these services and products will be subject to other terms and conditions that we recommend you read before.

People who receive a delivery of alcoholic products must have reached the minimum age for alcohol consumption. The delivering driver may ask the person to prove his age and identity and may refuse to deliver the Products if he does not receive valid proof of identity.

If there is no one at home, or if there is no adult who can receive the Products, the driver can take the package and leave a card in the mailbox to indicate that he has tried to make the delivery and that also specifies the options you have for your provision. You can indicate how you prefer the delivery to be repeated by the means provided by your carrier. If you want the package to be left with a neighbor, you will have to tell the carrier.

Delivery deadlines

The time between your purchase paid and its receipt varies depending on the option you choose. If you place an order before 3 pm and you have selected Premium services, we will do our best to deliver the Products in the following 24 hours in mainland Spain. The delivery time can be viewed and changed on the Website at the time of placing an order if you hire a carrier with Premium service that allows it. If it is not possible to meet the requested delivery time, we will send you an email to inform you of the new expected delivery time. If you choose economic services, it may take 3 or 4 days to reach the delivery address or collection point established, depending on your choice, in mainland Spain. In international deliveries it is possible that the delay accumulates 7 days from departure of the order to arrival at the delivery address in Europe and some nearby countries; Other countries may have a longer delivery time, we will inform you if the forecast is more than one week of transport in the contact details of the order.


If you change your mind and decide to cancel the purchase, you must notify us within 15 days of receiving the Products. This period does not affect your legal rights in case of defects or erroneous description of the Products.

If you would like to cancel the purchase, or if the Products are defective or include an erroneous description, if possible, you should call customer service at +34 626269442 (between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., Spanish peninsular time) or send an email to info@anchuron.es if you prefer. You can also use the contact form indicating your case. Always indicate the order number (which you will identify as 'Order Reference') that appears in the confirmation email.

We also use the services of the carriers we have an agreement with for product returns. When you check with customer service to return the shipment, they will indicate the procedure for you. The day scheduled for the collection you will be informed by the means you have arranged to contact you. You have a return period for Products of up to 15 days from when you communicate the cancellation.

You have 15 days to return the products of your order free of charge, as long as the products remain unused and have not been partially consumed or significantly damaged. If you bought the product and received it, you are responsible for keeping it in optimal conservation conditions: in a cool, relatively humid, dark environment and away from physical conditions that could alter its state at the time of delivery. In case of breakage of the product before you can handle it, proof will be necessary by means of a photograph of the affected product in the packaging before removing it, which you must send to info@anchuron.es without delay. Inadequate transportation costs will be claimed from the agency you have hired.

Returns of defective product once it begins to be consumed are allowed only by means of documentary proof analyzed by the official laboratory of the defect, in which case we will proceed to withdraw the return and replacement without added charge of the new product. In the event of repeated returns of this type, we will initiate actions to test whether the use has been malicious.

We will refund the amount paid for the Products together with the shipping costs you have paid to receive them. The costs of returns made through our carriers will be our responsibility. Important: if you choose to use another shipping method or another provider, the costs of returning the Products will be your responsibility. If we receive returned items at Anchurón's costs not requested by Anchurón, they will not be accepted.

We will refund the corresponding amounts as soon as possible, within a maximum period of 15 days from the moment you inform us of the cancellation of the purchase and using the same payment method that was used when paying the order. However, we may delay the refund until we receive the products or proof that you have sent us the shipment back, whichever of these two occurs first.

Once these 15 days have passed, if you wish to return your order (even partially), you will have to bear the transport costs incurred. Only product defect analyzed gives the right to return and replacement without charge in your current purchase period; Only in this case will we fully refund the partially consumed product returned. Returns of unopened, unopened products can be returned following the procedure of the carrier you have chosen. If there is evidence of a change in wine, we will proceed to report it to the competent authorities regarding fraud.

The right of cancellation does not apply to contracts for the supply of sealed items that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene and that have been unsealed after delivery.

You will find more information on the procedure to cancel an order and make use of your rights in the confirmation email and on the delivery and returns page of our Website.


Our maximum liability in relation to Product purchases you make will be an amount equal to the total price paid in connection with your Product order. However, nothing in these Terms and Conditions will exclude or limit our liability in cases where such exclusion or limitation is illegal.


As a B2B Client, you guarantee that you will comply with the corresponding legislation and regulations to store, distribute, market and sell the Products in Spain or your country of activity, and you also guarantee that you have all the necessary licenses and other permits.

Specifically, you accept that you know and comply with all regulations regarding the sale and marketing of alcoholic beverages.

You must store the Products in clean, in good condition and dry facilities, where they do not receive direct sunlight and at a temperature and other environmental conditions that are suitable. The transport of the Products must be carried out carefully and in properly adapted vehicles. If you have questions about the storage conditions, you can fill out the contact form and we will solve them in detail.

If you become aware of any type of quality, safety or technical problem with a Product, you should notify us immediately and we will work together to recover the affected Products and to offer replacement Products as soon as possible.


Anchurón does not guarantee the continuity, availability and usefulness of the Website, nor of the Contents or Services. Anchurón will do everything possible for the proper functioning of the Website, however, it is not responsible or guarantees that access to this Website will not be uninterrupted or free of errors.

Neither is it responsible or guarantees that the content or software that can be accessed through this Website is free from error or causes damage to the User's computer system (software and hardware). We take all measures at our disposal so that all access to this Website is secure, implementing the https protocol among other measures. In no case will Anchurón be responsible for losses, damages or damages of any kind arising from access, navigation and use of the Website, including, but not limited to, those caused to computer systems or those caused by the introduction of virus.

Anchurón is not responsible for any damages that may be caused to users by improper use of this Website. In particular, it is not responsible in any way for falls, interruptions, lack or defect of telecommunications that may occur.

After the purchase, Trustpilot will ask for your opinion on how we have done it. This is totally optional, without any commitment, but it will help us to improve with the suggestions received.