Our secure payment
This store is implemented using SSL and is under https, which means that it has very high security standards.
Payment gateway
The bank payment gateway is owned and found in the domains of the financial institution with whom the transaction is carried out, without the possibility of access to these contents by Anchurón, which only directs its services and they are provided totally anonymously to Anchurón. The contract that governs this payment gateway service only binds Anchurón to make this payment method available, without intervening in any way other than directing payments with the entity with which it is signed. All purchase and shipping costs are reported prior to your access to the payment gateway.
Use of credit-debit card
Payments through the payment gateway are encrypted and securely encrypted, so you can have complete peace of mind that your transaction has the necessary security measures to guarantee the inviolability of your payments. The payment gateway, with the official module of Redsys (external company) offers the best security you can find. If you have questions about how payments are made, you can contact us and we will inform you of all the details you may need to expand this information.